In the town of Fairfield (There are 35 Fairfield's in America), there is a graveyard. In 1874, the mayor, Arthur Hither, declared that 25 new graves be created, in a square. Five years later, he was buried in the center. One day, a hurricane comes through and destroys the graves. The people are still buried, but nobody knows where everyone is. You put a hint box in the center of the city, and get these hints:

  • My grandfather was East of the mayor 1 spot
  • The police chief was 2 spots North of Mrs. Francine Hither
  • The mayor's family was in a row of 3 plots going East to West
  • The mayor's mom, Mrs. Francine Hither, is just East of one of the old professors
  • The first note was by Holly Hither
  • There are three old professors. One, Prof. Tasker, is next to the Police Chief
  • Mr. Henry Carpenter is South of Officer Smith
  • Every doctor has a professor on the far West of him
  • The Army Captain is somewhere South of Mr. and Mrs. Williams
  • The doctors, Dr. Oak, Dr. Birch, and Dr. Cedar, are all North of Oliver Twist's grave
  • The Old Millionaire is South of the Evil Villain
  • The Evil Villain is West of Ms. Johnson
  • Mr. Mackarel is a few graves South of the mayor's mom
  • Prof. Rathburne and Dr. Oak are across from each other
  • Dr. Birch is next to Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Williams is West of Dr. Oak
  • Ms. Sarah Williams is West of her mom
  • Mr. Crabapple is buried South of the Police Chief
  • Mr. Crabapple is Southwest of the Fire Chief by one space, and is one space West of Sarah
  • The Evil Villain is South of Professor Vocab
  • The Army Captain has Arthur Z. on his East side, and Mr. Mackarel two spots West
  • I remember someone named Nancy Smith

With these hints, you think you can rebuild the gravestones, and get a huge payment from the city. You have no advanced technology available, and the city says you can't dig up the people to find out.


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The layout of the graves is


In text format (row by row):

Row 1

Prof Tasker......./ Police Chief...../ Fire Chief........../ Mr. Williams......./ Dr. Birch

Row 2

Prof Rathburne./ Mr. Crabapple../ Sarah Williams / Mrs Williams....../ Dr. Oak

Row 3

Prof Vocab......./ Francine Hither / Mayor Hither..../ Holly Hithers GF/ Dr. Cedar

Row 4

Evil Villian......../ Ms Johnson....../ Officer Smith...../ Nancy Smith...../ Oliver Twist

Row 5

Old Millionaire../ Mr. Mackarel..../ Henry Carpenter/ Army Captain.../ Arthur Z

I apologize for the formatting, but I was having problems posting an image so this is the "brute force" way of showing the layout. If anyone can see my image through the link and edit it in, I would greatly appreciate it.

One possible alternate:

If the statement "The Evil Villain is West of Ms. Johnson" means that the Evil Villain must be immediately West of Ms. Johnson, then this is the only solution (as far as I know). If the EV can be anywhere West of Ms. Johnson, then her grave and Nancy Smith's could be switched.

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