A riddle I made up while bored. Please follow the steps of the riddle below:

Start with the name of a specific country . . .

If you lowercase the name of this country . . .

And reverse the order of the letters . . .

Then follow the steps below to answer the final question.

Word 1: Change the third letter to 'u'.

This is related to the innermost being.

Word 2: Add an 'h' behind the first letter.

The word you should get is related to aquatic animals.

Now answer these two questions:

  • What is the country?
  • What is the animal at the [Insert Word 1 here] of a [Insert Word 2 here]?

Hint Below

It is as four letter country


1 Answer 1


The country is


Following the instructions:

LAOS -> laos
laos <-> soal
soal -> soul
s(h)oal -> shoal

We see that

The 'soul' is the innermost being, and you have a 'shoal' of fish

So the final question and answer:

What is the animal at the soul of a shoal?



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