This is a rebus puzzle describing a singer's name. This puzzle will still be pretty straight-forward, though you really need a little knowledge in programming this time...

import math

a = name['>_']
b = name['&']
c = name[(-1)**.5]
d = name[sum(1 / math.factorial(i) for i in range(20))]
e = name['8848m']
f = name['android']
assert [len(i) for i in (a, b, c, d, e, f)] == [7, 3, 1, 1, 16, 5]
answer = '{}{}{}{}\x20{}{}'.format(a[::3], b[1], c, d, e.split()[0].replace('lest', ''), f[2::])

The answer is the hypothetical value of the variable answer of the Python program above.

But you don't have to run the code at all. Un fact you can't run it. The first line will raise NameError, because name is not defined. That is the whole point of this puzzle: you need to guess what the name dictionary contains. Its values are all strs. I updated the code so you can actually get the keys. The values are simple English words/phrases that are related to the keys in a natural way. The clues are all there in the "code". Did you notice the tag?


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Connie Talbot

tal(lest mountain)


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