My friend Al and I constantly bicker. One time, he proudly boasted that he can crack any cipher ever written, so I put out a little wager: if I can stump him with any cipher I write, he would have to give me $100 USD. He laughed it off, and we continued the rest of the day in silence, but ever the penny-pincher I sought to build a very complex cipher, one that I knew for sure he could not solve.

After countless hours and several hair-pulling minutes, I built a clever, little cipher, encoded a rather poignant message, and wrote it on a note that I would hand-deliver. But I had a problem:

My friend commutes daily by train and arrives at the station at 4:25 PM. He's typically late, often by half-an-hour --- though it takes a minute or two for him to get out of the turnstiles. When he does get out, he realized he forgot his bag inside the station, quickly ran back in to get it, and walked back out. However, I factored this all into account, delivering the note promptly with a smug look on my face when he returned.

It read, in full:

01:20 05:20 06:45 11:20 09:35 04:35 03:10 05:20
06:20 07:55 02:55 01:50 01:50 06:25 08:55
03:35 12:30 05:45 06:15 11:15 12:55
12:50 07:25 12:35 09:00 09:05
10:55 12:50 12:45 05:55
04:45 12:00 10:25

Who dare uttered these words? ~Z

Sadly, to my dismay, he took one glance at my note and crumpled it up, saying he had no time for "childish things".

Oh well, I tried... Can you at least answer my cipher?

To clarify, your response should be a distinct name --- a person, if you will. I will give preference to any answer that explains why this name is the desired response.


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