This is my first rebus. Inspired by Wordster!

picture 1picture 2

  • A real stumper! :) I don't even KNOW what image #2 is. Image #3 could be several things. – Wordster Aug 19 at 20:20
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    @Wordster ummmm there are only 2 images the wheat and windmill are the same image – Yout Ried Aug 19 at 20:24
  • Oh! Well thanx 4 that! I'll try again... – Wordster Aug 19 at 20:25
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    Oh, now it's half a can, hmmmnnn... – Wordster Aug 19 at 20:51
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    It's a good try, but there is no "clue" to know that the answer was right. Without that the answer from @redfur was just as valid. – Weather Vane Aug 19 at 22:13
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Is it



Half of Garbage(gar) and a field.

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    oh damn of course :) – redFur Aug 19 at 20:50
  • Correct! Well done! – Yout Ried Aug 19 at 20:57

Could it be

Garland, (decoration thingy).

Based on

The first picture seems to be "Garbage", and since it's a half of the picture, it would map to "Gar". The second picture is "land"!

OK, I'll give this a shot:
1st image:

trash, verb, to break

2nd image:

windy landscape


Breaking Wind :)

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    Come to think of it, the images look a bit artsy-fartsy ... – M Oehm Aug 19 at 20:38
  • Not quite. Nice try! – Yout Ried Aug 19 at 20:49

This is all I could come up with: Trashing the landscape?

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    Not quite. Nice try! – Yout Ried Aug 19 at 20:48

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