I'm a length of hard wood
Hooped with iron at each end
Used for making a block
Or a case to defend

My sound is like silence:
Dumb, irrelevant am I
Talk about me forever
For I point to the sky

Hint 1

I am a single, four-letter word.

Hint 2

The first clue is archaic.

Hint 3

The title is a clue.

Hint 4

But for the difference in sound between a cat's and a cow's, the "sound" clue is homophonic.


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moot. Means "irrelevant", sounds like "mute".


I believe it's an


  • It's a four letter word that matches the title (an interesting point).
  • It can be used to block other ones or give you something to defend.
  • Its sound is quiet (especially while forming one)
  • Dumb ones are useless/irrelevant
  • They're constantly talked about
  • Point to the sky... Either the "light bulb" effect or something pithy about it "taking flight"

I can't figure out the wood/iron clue, but I assume I'm missing something obscure, since the hint specifically calls it archaic.

  • $\begingroup$ close - you are thinking along the right lines :) $\endgroup$
    – martin
    Nov 13, 2014 at 14:49

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