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Ajay Takur
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I'm passionate about developing, my aim is to work with great client thinkers, in a great tech team, making great products.

I also play an active part in the developer community - something I want to keep doing. I love exploring new tools and technologies, as well as working with established and well-practiced ones.

I have a keen interest in sharing knowledge, so outside of work did contribute to various forums and collaborated with tech persons across the globe.

I currently work mostly with AWS, ReactJS, Spring, Python, Spring Boot, Struts, Hibernate, MongoDB, PostgresDB, OracleDB, Windows Development, IOS Development, and Android development.

I Do pet projects. Push them to GitHub with an elegant readme. Follow all the best practices. Do not write messy code just because it's your pet project. Create a detailed portfolio of these projects.

I Contribute to open-source projects. Even little things like improving a sentence in the documentation or reporting a new bug are very important to me.

Network!!!! I Go to tech meet-ups, events, and conferences. Actively participate in online tech communities such as SOF

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