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Alejandro Lorite Mora is working as a robotics software engineer at Mobile Industrial Robots A/S (MiR) since September 2022 in the robot R&D department. His team is responsible for providing the hardware layer interface abstraction for the higher architectural layers. The position involves all aspects of software development from technical specification to concept development, design, implementation, testing and technical documentation in an international agile team.

In August 2022, he completed the Master in Advanced Robotics Japan-Europe EMJMD program at Keio University (Japan), after being at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France). Previously, he completed a 5-year double degree in Computer Engineering + Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering at the University of Deusto. He has also worked for Keio University as a researcher during the 2 years of his master's degree. The research was focused on developing a mobile robot simulator and 2D LiDARs and then training a neural network capable of localizing humans and predicting their activities. During his undergraduate years he worked as an assistant in programming subjects and in European projects related to education.

His main fields of interest are focused on developing projects that can improve people's lives in the field of robotics. He is eager to travel and above all eager to learn.

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