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I work for Arena Analytics as an engineering manager. We use machine learning to match job openings at our partner companies with candidates, with the goal of increasing retention in high-turnover positions. Apply here!

Previously, I worked for Artsy as lead engineer for our auction products and HuffPost as tech lead for web rendering.

I am a software developer, with a background in computer engineering, signal processing, programming languages, information retrieval, image/video, and music/audio. I've got experience with projects large and small; commercial, non-profit, open-source, and academic. I have used all sorts of programming languages and paradigms, from Z80 assembly language to ML. Right now, I do most of my work in Scala, Ruby, and Javascript.

I love tricky problems, elegant solutions, and learning new things in general. I believe programming is an art, as much as any piece of music or visual work. I'm constantly proven right when I find new and clever ways of problem solving on a daily basis here!

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