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Disclaimer.: Not my words but purely scriptural based. Prd..

MBH 13.18.64.:

Vāsudeva said., "...If Rudra be gratified with a person, he can confer upon him the states of eIther Brahma or Kesava or Sakra with all the deities under him, or the sovereignty of the three worlds. Those men, O sire, who worship Bhava even mentally, succeed in freeing themselves from all sins and attain to a residence in heaven with all the gods..."

IG 11.131.:

Vyāsa said.: "Hari, the Devaki Putra, also known as Narayan, himself transferred this knowledge of Śiva to Arjuna (in BG)."

SDB 5:1:12-54.:

Vyāsa said.: "... The Pundits of dull intellect, and deluded by Māyā declare that Viṣṇu takes various incarnations out of his own free will; for when it is seen that men of even inferior intellects do not entertain any desire to enter into the wombs, painful and terrible; how will Viṣṇu, then, the Holder of the discus, like to come into this womb! The Madhusūdana, the Vaiṣṇavas say, entered all at once into the wombs of Kauśalyā and Devakī, full of faeces and other dirty things, of His own free will. But you must think out what happiness can Madhusūdana, quitting his Vaikunṭha Heavens, attain in this womb, full of so many troubles, and where arise, like poisons, hundreds of cares and thoughts to torment an individual! Especially when it is seen that human beings perform asceticism, sacrifice Yajñas and do various charities, that they would avoid thus entering in wombs, which is very painful and terrible. How can Bhagavān Viṣṇu be called independent? If so, He would never have yielded to enter into various wombs..."

Ku Pu 1.31.71.:

As Narayana is the best among the Devas, as Maheśvara is the best among Īśvaras, similarly, Kāśi is the best among all the sacred places.

Sk Pu 1.3b.4.54b-56.:

There is no greater holy place other than Śoṇādri. There is no greater Mantra than the Śiva-Pañcākṣarī Mantra. There is no cult greater than that of Maheśvara. There is no god greater than Maheśvara. There is no better knowledge than the realization of Śiva. There is no Veda greater than Śrī Rudra. There is no greater leader of the devotees of Śiva than Viṣṇu. There is no greater protective factor than the sacred ash. There is no greater good conduct than the practice of devotion.

MBH. HVP. 2.74.22.:

Śrī Kṛṣṇa said- "O Devadeva! You are known as Rudra because you are the one who cries, the one who makes one cry, the one who destroys the world manifested in the form of birth and death, etc. You are the Adi-Deva. You are the greatest of all the gods. O Lord, I am a devotee of your devotees and a follower of your loved ones. Please make me a sharer of the fame of victory, I seek refuge in you, O supreme refuge."

RVK SSS-18.:

Greater than great is Brahma, greater still than that is Hari, even greater thsn that is Isha. May my mind be filled with Śiva thoughts.

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||Om Tat Sat||

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