Hello! I am Subhash and I am a Software Engineer, working on Mobile Applications and Machine Learning Models. I have been developing professionally for 4 years now but, I started in tech with freelance services and interneships during college.

I do think my most strongest skills are in designing and developing Android mobile applications. But due to my diverse work experience, I had a decent hands-on experience building custom AI Models for tasks like Object detection, Landmark Detection and Face Detection, for liveness challenge. To detect Holograms on valid Identity Cards, I trained tensorflow SSD Mobilenet models and optimised them for Mobiles using Tf-Lite. I trained Facenet models on a custom data set and used it to build face detection SDK.

I have been making Android Applications since June 2016 and have a good experience in integrating REST APIs, making SDKs for product delivery and also writing wrappers around native Android Applications for Hybrid platforms (Cordova, React etc.).

I worked with Google Vision APIs for an offline Android SDK, which uses OCR and Face extraction APIs. Also built custom SDK for Liveness Detection using Mediapipe Open Source Platform, of which Facemesh was used to extract landmarks and Facedetection was used to detect face in a frame from camera feed.

Most of my positions used agile-like development process either using JIRA/Trello Boards and a day at my work place would consist of building custom AI Models for Hologram, Face Landmarks or Live Face Detection, Optimising them for mobile and building SDKs for clients.

Would love exploring Deep Learning through Implementation and am also looking fwd to developing futuristic applications.