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Nothing beats a Daniels
6 votes

First by looking at the two notes that came with the jar, we can see that Then the first note tells us to search for directions, which could mean and also that "counting heads, the number is applied"...

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What is the optimal first move in Mastermind?
5 votes

Any first move is equal, as long as it follows the pattern XXYY. The way you number the holes in the first move is only a base reference point for the subsequent moves. So, choose an arbitrary first ...

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To the lonely I call
3 votes

Explanation is pretty straightforward. I climb only to fall, and people often avoid me. They may not care at all, but they all know that they need me. I can fill the streets and invade your house, ...

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What are Jim and Bob trying to solve?
2 votes

The problem they are trying to solve is:

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Testing a new liar type
0 votes

The answer to this problem is simpler than you might think: Proof: But:

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Chasing pirates
-1 votes

Since you were initially at rest, apply the law of conservation of momentum: Initially, (boat + money) have velocity 0. After being robbed, money has velocity 21 mph and boat has velocity v in the ...

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