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Wer bin ich? (was: Another who am I riddle)
Accepted answer
9 votes

I come from a brook. I'm first in a book. I'm old, but not stale. From me was made hail. I sound like an ocean, perpetual motion. I'm not quite a kernel, nor am I nocturnal.

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What am I this time?
4 votes

It may not be the right answer, but it more or less fits on all accounts. I can hold the heaviest of all objects, but will falter to the lightest of all objects. I prefer long and skinny rather than ...

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It's not you but me who can solve this riddle!
1 votes

I am half of who I am, yet I am twice of who I am. Show me, the answer of this riddle, and I will give you a little giggle.

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