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It's getting harder and harder not to offend anyone
32 votes

I think Chuck ordered since Bob is offended by and Andy is offended by

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I am hated by the world
24 votes

I think it is They say I am evil: a corrupt influence, a monster. But while it's true that I have many hands and faces, I am no more evil than those around me; I reflect their vice or virtue. Yet ...

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Lighter Than Air
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20 votes

I think the answer is

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Use 2,3,4,5 to get 26 using only + - * /
8 votes

One: Two:

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Another Sensational Crime Fiction?
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6 votes

I’ll take the second clue and try to stretch it as far as: "William Herschel III, heir to the Herschel Paper Company", is... "His body was found in fishing gear" — Another way to look at it, a ...

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A Riddle From a Madman
2 votes

To me it looks like a

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That's Ounce Weird
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1 votes

Nicolas Budig’s answer was the closest to the truth, but still not complete. So I decided to answer my own question: The title, "That’s Ounce Weird", "snowing" is "a cloak" is "An abyss", maybe ...

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