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With Apologies to Robert Frost
7 votes

I really have no idea what the solution could be, but since nobody has mentioned it so far, and since it may help others to find the actual answer, I’ll add this little piece: The whole puzzle would ...

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A classic riddle with a soft touch
Accepted answer
4 votes

Are you Bane of sailors. Bliss for the head. I am complete when I am dead.

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5 Video Game Riddles - What are these Games?
0 votes

Could number 5 be If this is correct, I'll elaborate.

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I know the truth
0 votes

I’ll give it a try: Firstly, I am one word long. Secondly, you will need the first three things. You'll need a handful of guesses to figure out what I am. But even if I tell you, I might be lying, ...

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