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  • Member for 6 years, 3 months
  • Last seen more than 6 years ago
  • now going F# happy/crazy
  • I want to learn
    • Packet
    • F# MAKE (FAKE)
    • Hoping to work on some F# make/FAKE integrations with tfs build
  • fan of [React;Knockout; Angular 1.0] in that order.
  • VS2015 since developer RC1 or so
  • Roslyn consumer since < June of 2012
    • My update to a very early roslyn code sample
  • VS2012 since developer preview purely 4.0
  • MVC lover since before 1.0 RTM
  • My Coderbits profile
  • My Open source activities
  • Since just after release VS2010 ultimate (c# .net 3.5, some 4.0) tfs2010 activities, and workflow4 build scripts
  • Since June 2009 c# .net 3.5 in VS2008
  • 2.0 in vs2005 for 2 years

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