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If wondering about the impetus for the avatar, see here and here. Stack exchange singled out a respected and hardworking moderator, dismissed and publicly humiliated her, and refused to reinstate her despite fierce community condemnation.

As a result, many signed a community letter to the company, changed their name and/or avatar and/or profile message, and donated to a GoFundMe page to help finance her to seek justice. (The GoFundMe is no longer seeking funds.)

SE and Cellio reached a legal settlement, but not a resolution that satisfied all with SE's overall ongoing direction. There have also been other problems on SO/SE as well, e.g. a relicensing of questionable legality and staff dismissals that caused dismay and confusion. As a result of such things, some (including Cellio) have departed for (or are at least joining as well) the site

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Feb 8, 2018