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I like cats, and any other animal! Am vegetarian to prove it :3 I especially love serval cats, from Africa, they're my favourite! I have so many pets! 2 female mice, 2 male rats, 3 cats, 2 female 1 male, 2 cows, a steer and a female, 2 sheep (used to be 5) a female and either a wether or ewe, 2 female dogs, over 6 pigeons of random genders, 3 female ducks,around 30 chooks of random genders, and 2 bunnies, a male and female (The pet shop said they were both girls, YEAH RIGHT)

I also have heaps of toys! I OCCASIONALLY make skits with them, but mostly I just play with them... The camera, which is my (now dead) computer, gets in the way. I love all gens of MLP, but my fave is G1!

I love Pokemon, MLP, Lps, furries, and Redwall and Warriors!

And I write riddles on here, not that they make much sense :3

I won't have a profile until my computer's fixed, but I do draw and animate!

I love heaps of anime and video games too, but there's to much to write down. My favourite movie is Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie 3! (You should go watch it NOW)

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