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Who killed Tom?
79 votes

It's clearly Because Therefore As

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Man buys item, throws it away on his way out
65 votes

Yes, this is clearly the intended solution...

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Can you make 1 1 1 1 = 5?
26 votes

Slightly stretching the definition of 'adding a symbol' here: Or, adding only a single symbol :

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My prefix is food, my suffix is rude
15 votes

With a slightly generous definition of prefix, suffix and infix. (Spoiler tags hide rude language) Answer: My prefix is food. My suffix is rude. My infix comes in rounds. I keep you off the ...

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I can save a shift
6 votes

I think Nicael has the answer correct, but missed a clue and interpreted another incorrectly. So I agree it's I can save a shift: I am not often used for my original purpose. Nowadays I'm mostly ...

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I am dead, but I keep things alive
5 votes

Partial answer, suspect it's wrong but perhaps on the right track. Are you I am dead, but I keep things alive When I'm awake, I light up inside ??? You can fit a lot inside. Belongs in a house

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10 + 1 − 2 = 9 X
2 votes

A two stage, very lateral solution. We start with 10 + 1 − 2 = 9 X Can you solve the puzzle in this solved equation? You must only replace the 'X' to solve this puzzle. You must not add, ...

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The total cost of salaries in a company
1 votes

Assuming you're in no huge rush. Have everyone get together and state their number, get someone good at maths to add it up. But first, to anonymise it: To keep people from getting some information, ...

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A king in a fort with two doors with two buttons
0 votes

Really stretching it here, but maybe some part of this might be partially on track and help someone else. Are you

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Yet another matchstick puzzle
0 votes

By the power of Javascript So that evaluates to i.e. This works because

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About Knights and Knaves and their consistency
0 votes

The 'sky is red' and the 'sky is green' are contradictory, but don't require the speaker to be truthful at any point.

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