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How many bits in the Apple Logo?
22 votes

I'm pretty sure WeShall has it, but I'd like to point out that it might be as high as if we assume that

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What are some examples of "cheat-proof" trivia questions?
5 votes

While you can't use any of the ones that have already spread online, you can take inspiration from memes/hashtags like "Describe a film poorly" since a lot of the fun of the meme is in ...

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Sun setting in East!
4 votes

While unlikely, it's possible that you saw a mirage or similar visual phenomenon - differences in air density meant that the sunrise occurred earlier than anticipated, but as the Sun heated the air it ...

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How do I solve the world's hardest sudoku?
0 votes

Just to add another computer-based solution, then using the MiniZinc modelling language you can write the following program: int: n; array[1..n, 1..n] of 0..n: initial_grid; int: reg; array[1..n, 1.....

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