Oscar Guillamon

As a profesional, I currently work developing code snippets for device behavioral testing for SM DEZAC SA in Spain.

The tasks involved consist in developing as stated before the code that allows for device testing but also I am in charge of verifying the integrity of the device, that ranges fro, finding any and all behaviorals not expected due to coding errors to even checking the benchmark hardware used in the testing.

Previously I worked at BrainWorks Solutions S.L. (www.brainworks.es), developing software solutions for Alstom Wind Spain mainly, while also developing small websites for other clients in the meantime.

I am always on the edge to improve my knowledge, thus always am asking questions or checking whether my code can be optimized, while also trying to stick to coding rules as much as possible, no one likes spaghetti code.

Regarding my person, I am a young software developer which studied Electronics and automation Industrial Engineering in EUETIB university (UPC) in Barcelona, how I ended up writting code for apps is beyond me if you ask me.

I am passionate about my hobbies which range from playing games, to dancing (yeah programmers and developers also dance). I love talking with people about mine and their interests, you really get to know other people well enough and have a great time that way.

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