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How many chess pieces does it take to "cover" all spaces on a chessboard?
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41 votes

Yes. The minimum number of pieces required is 5. 5 queens can be places such that they cover every space on the board, as in the following example: There are 12 such arrangements, along with ...

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Which switch goes to which bulb?
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35 votes

The answer: The explanation:

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How many queens can be on a chessboard without attacking each other?
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34 votes

Because: According to Wolfram-Alpha, there are One possible solution is: A list (and images!) of all

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Alphametic (Verbal Arithmetic) general strategy
13 votes

Some simple strategies I've found are: Look for zeroes. Any time you have $X + Y = X$ in the ones column, you know that $Y = 0$. Look for doubles. Any time you have numbers of the format $A + A = ...

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What is the optimal first move in tic-tac-toe?
8 votes

If you're first: Go in a corner. If you're second, and the first person went in a corner: Go in the middle. From both of these positions, it is possible to guarantee no worse than a tie.

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The Magic Stick
7 votes

Here's my answer for the smallest possible solution, in number of notches: Here's my logic (slightly mathematical, mostly intuitive). Here is a breakdown of the length (in notches) of each stick, ...

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