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A riddle gives indirect clues about an unnamed object or concept to be identified. It is often presented in the form of a poem. Do not use this just to mean a difficult problem or puzzle.
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A puzzle strongly related to mathematical facts and objects, or whose solution needs serious mathematical arguments. General mathematics questions are off-topic but can be asked on Mathematics Stack E…
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A puzzle that requires formal logical deduction to arrive at the solution. This suggests more than merely reasoning through clues to find an answer (you might want [situation] for that).
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A puzzle whose answer will be a word or a set of words but not a phrase, sentence or sentences.
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A puzzle whose solution relies on external sources such as tables, dictionaries, Wikipedia, or specifics that may not be common knowledge.
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A form of wit in which the used words become the main subject of the work, primarily for the purpose of intended effect or amusement.
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Puzzles where the genre or solving strategy of the puzzle is not explicitly stated; puzzles where the puzzler must deduce what type of puzzle it is.
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a simple method of modifying messages to make them unreadable, but still possible to recover. Common ciphers are Caesar, Vigenere, Atbash, and several types of substitution cipher. Other c…
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A puzzle in which you spot the pattern that links a set of given data items (like numbers, letters, music tunes). Usually, you use your insights into the pattern to find one or more new elements of th…
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A problem or riddle written in rhyme for an artistic twist.
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A puzzle that incorporates a visual component like pictures, diagrams, drawings, etc. Do not use this tag for puzzles that discuss geometric objects without displaying them.
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A puzzle solved through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable only using logic.
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dressed up as a story or a longer description of a situation.
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A puzzle related to shapes, geometric objects (polygons, circles, solids, etc.) of any number of dimensions, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.
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A puzzle that involves numerical calculations, such as multiplication and addition.
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A puzzle that asks for the pattern in a given number sequence.
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portrayed using images and/or text, where solving the puzzle requires examination of the components' attributes (for instance, word position or color) or meanings (for instance, the n…
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A puzzle designed to be solved without using calculators, online decoders or computer programming.
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A puzzle based on combinatorial mathematics, which is the study of finite or countable discrete structures.
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a methodological plan of action for realizing a specific goal.
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Hidden data concealed in otherwise unsuspicious pictures, text, and/or audio.
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A puzzle related to the game of chess. Questions about chess which aren't puzzles are off-topic but can be asked on Chess Stack Exchange.
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Puzzles such as Sudoku or Kakuro, where the final state of a pre-existing grid must be deduced logically through clues placed within and/or around the grid. For puzzles where you are given a list of c…
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A puzzle that heavily depends on linguistic features; for instance it may concern foreign languages, or only work in some particular language, or be built around a peculiarity of the English language.…
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Puzzles that crucially depend on some feature of the English language or that only work in an English formulation.
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A tag for puzzles dependent upon some degree of computer literacy - for instance, requiring basic familiarity with operating system usage, encryption or programming.
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For puzzles which ask the solver to determine a hidden property of certain words (or phrases), given a set of words with that property and usually also a set of words without it for comparison. Puzzle…
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A puzzle centered around geographical features, such as countries, continents, cities, mountains, rivers, and climate.
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For puzzles about forming numbers using other numbers and mathematical operations.
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A mathematical puzzle whose essential nature involves randomness.
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A mathematical puzzle where you have to optimize a certain objective function (maximize profit, minimize cost).
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A puzzle that involves cryptic clues of the type found in cryptic crosswords, but is not a cryptic crossword. **Do not** use this tag for puzzles that are stated cryptically; use [enigmatic-puzzle] in…
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presented in the form of any of the various types of poetry.
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Puzzles that focus on getting information from truth-tellers (who never lie), liars (who always lie), and Jokers (who answer at random).
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heavily based on the arithmetic properties of the integers. General number theory questions are off-topic but can be asked on Mathematics Stack Exchange.
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A question about the creation and development of puzzles. Not to be used for requesting the creation of a puzzle.