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For puzzles based around the game 0hh1, found at 0hh1.com: a grid logic game in which you must deduce which tiles are blue and which are red. Related to 0hn0, which is made by the same people.
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For puzzles based around the game 0hno, found at 0hn0.com: a grid logic game in which you must deduce which dots are blue and which are red. Related to the game 0hh1 made by the same people.
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Puzzles related to the video game 2048.
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A puzzle in which certain letters, e.g. of each word, line, or paragraph, form a meaningful word or words when put together.
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A mathematical puzzle centered around the manipulation and solution of equations.
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A puzzle related to algorithmics (a main concept in computer science).
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Alphametic puzzles involve equations where digits have been replaced with letters.
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a game, usually online, involving puzzles and ciphers hidden in mysterious videos, images or audio with a story behind them. Usually it is meant to promote a product.
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An anagram rearranges the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase.
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For puzzles related to or involving animals. This tag is not to be used for questions about animals.
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For puzzles involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.
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A puzzle that makes use of astronomical knowledge, such as the names and positions of stars and planets.
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Puzzles based on the analysis of an audio clip
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In a 'blackboard puzzle' a set of numbers is transformed according to certain rules.
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For questions related to the puzzle of islanders who can only leave when they deduce the colour of their own eyes.
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a game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a "board" according to a fixed set of rules.
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A bongard consists of mainly 6 boxes on the left and 6 boxes on the right. The task of a bongard problem is to discover a statement that describes the contents of each box on the left side, but does n…
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a card game.
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an interlocking puzzle consisting of several three-dimensional pieces that are combined to make one three-dimensional unit.
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A puzzle that involves numerical calculations, such as multiplication and addition.
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For puzzles centered around playing cards.
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puzzles involving cellular automatons in a 2D or 3D grid.
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A puzzle involving checkerboards: grids of squares alternating black and white in color, most commonly an 8x8 board.
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A puzzle that makes use of chemical knowledge, such as the names and atomic numbers of chemical elements.
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A puzzle related to the game of chess. Questions about chess which aren't puzzles are off-topic but can be asked on Chess Stack Exchange.
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a simple method of modifying messages to make them unreadable, but still possible to recover. Common ciphers are Caesar, Vigenere, Atbash, and several types of substitution cipher. Other c…
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A question about electronic circuits and logic gates.
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Puzzles involving the manipulation of coins as physical objects inside a set of rules.