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Three 8-letter words with at least 23 different letters

Looking for three 8-letter word groups with 24 distinct letters. I was unable to find a solution in a dictionary, but did find several by using other word lists. Most are 'suspect' but this one uses ...
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Three 8-letter words with at least 23 different letters

Searching a list of over 8000 eight-letter words with no repeated letters yields the following six triples, each with 23 distinct letters:
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Blunt Talk, Shrubby Barquentine

I stand in the East, facing West in all directions A day’s sail, just across the line This must refer to Possibilities at this stage are Unlucky year, a ship ran aground... So we're probably ...
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curious inflection of English words

The trick here lies in The agent-noun form of The past-tense form of The present-participle form of The past-participle form of
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Each clue And then And then In the title, So: (8 5 -> 9 6) also as electrophenic in introduced known kuhn's of operation phrase provide respiration revolutions scientific structure support the ...
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Am odd expression?

XXXXX is M if
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At Last, the Crown

The 'Sith' in question is... There are several clues in the images: OP Edit:
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