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I'm a bit confused by some things, but: To determine someone's floor number, So the cellist and the bassist the biologist and geologist The Boss In a few months Since I am an associate, my floor The Boss The biologist and geologist The highest floor occupied There is no chef, secretary or physicist because The unnamed employee in hint 1 In an ...


East words are And west words are Examples for 'awed' and 'points': And all the words in the filler



So first is to note that I’d imagine that Julia got nothing because As it turns out, To Agnes, I bequeath 12,000 pounds. To Eli, I bequeath 201,000 pounds. To Eric, I bequeath 95,000 pounds. To Levi, I bequeath 101,000 pounds. To Ron, I bequeath 69,000 pounds. To Tim, I bequeath 51,000 pounds. To Toni, I bequeath 94,000 pounds. Sam gets Julia then ...


The overall connection is As a starting point, one potential group seems to be Another group is formed by: Then there's The fourth category might be Note on solving:


A Parallel Word appears to be a word which: Like so: The name is suggestive of: This property is not exhibited by the words listed as Not Parallel.

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