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A romeo word: Edit: Beaten by @Tom My guess as to the bonus:


I bet a Romeo Word™ is one which The table taught as: What's wrong with the title?


Making of "Grammy Winners Grading" - SPOILERS ALERT!! This sort of answers are allowed by the community Idea Construction I was planning to make a What is a ??? WordTM Puzzle, and have decided on the theme of using anagrams, since this, I believe, is a rather innovative idea. Hint Words I then looked for a word to describe these words, and realised ...


Adding to @Parseltongue's answer, really, because his/her answer is really similar! Give that an upvote if you will to mine! (Also, the user needs one more upvote to make it past 500 rep :P) I believe it has to do with and how With that being said: Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2


This is absolutely absurd, but here it goes: Tier 0: Tier 1: Tier 2:


Here are my answers -- I hope I'm the one who has discovered the puzzle creator's intended solutions. And of course,

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