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I am not sure if this warrants its own answer, but I suspect you are calling them This is because The name and the property might not be related too directly because arguably the name is much easier to spot than the property, and should thus not give away too much of the actual puzzle. EDIT: The connection might be via


These words are


Firstly, the categorisation Given that information it seems that the numbers of Y are unvalued because R. Why are the numbers of row Z unvalued? S. What are the first and last numbers of each row other than row Y? T. What is the smallest positive number in row Y? U. How long is the longest sequence of consecutive numbers in any row other than row Y? V. ...


An HTM Word is one which: Like so: As for the name:


Substantial and Insubstantial words are Thus: Credit where due: Stiv


A BFF Word is one where: Namely: Furthermore, the non-BFF Words exhibit a different but related pattern - namely that:


The reason these are mis-alphabetized is that The correct order is:


Extending the answers previously given even further, and following the latest hint: In fact, Raking: Finest: Latest: Parent: Flawed: Piking: Basest: Really:

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