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It can be done with Some explanation: Since


Since a single line doesn't do damage, it is possible to do To achieve this, there are a couple of requirements: To get these pieces one after the other For this to occur so that the final piece also clears the board, we get these constraints on the number of pieces $X$: Given these, the smallest $X$ that satisfies both requirements is This is a small ...


A simple solution involves Stack the first five arranged the same direction (on the side of the T with the bottom facing either left or right. In my example, the bottom is facing the right). This eliminates the second row (shown with Xs through them). Next, flip the T 180 degrees so the bottom is facing the other direction and fill the gaps as such. This ...


If Alice can win, Bob should attempt to force a draw. If Bob can win, Alice should attempt to force a draw. So long as either player can force a draw, the game must end in a draw. Either player can indeed force a draw by making every line unable to be completed. You can use the "L" pieces along the edge of the board to make a 1x2 or 2x1 "nook" of empty space ...


As an upperbound, I can attack as little as with by following configurations:

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