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I think the answer may be because


Astrid is trying to find: And its "formula" is simply: There could be many reasons why this isn't working for Astrid, which are well beyond the scope of this answer! Some explanation:


Mmmhmmm, for breakfast we are having The clues in the story how tea and charcoal can be made into chocolate and "Be sure to remove the floaters, these thing tend to create a lot of excess gunk." suggest that our alchemy involves Then if we note that Dragon Soup include both ingredients of Pastry (❤ & △) and adds a third ingredient (☆). ...


Who is the king? What is his plant name? I am here tonight to pledge a hero's deed on knife's edge his kingdom's name is a plant find it in places moisture scant. The castle on the verge to fall, due to a flock of livings small. It was left without powers, as it had lost both its towers. Firstly, the king assumed command from his archbishop confidant. He ...

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