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(Thanks to f'' for the help in chat! He solved the majority of this puzzle - I just came in at the end.) Step 1: Crossword The crossword was solved by feelinferrety, Z. Dailey, and Sleafar: Step 2: NOTHEX Step 3: Using The Key you get a message for all four paragraphs: Step 4: Following Directions Step 5: The Image Step 6: Interpreting Everything


The knowledge of each islander consists of: the color of the eyes of every other islander; any past pronouncement from the guru; the history of who left the island on previous days (including their eye color), which provides knowledge about others' knowledge (that either they did or did not know their own eye color on previous days). At the beginning of ...


I think that you're asking someone to Reasoning: The prisms are The sine waves are the You move them twice: once from When you're done with so they're rectangles again. You can store them for later or throw them out. You will be paid for your help in Gramineaeze refers to The other item is


The secret message is: because


All the rooms in this hotel correspond to


I think this classic story involves "I'm sick of looking like a fish", says the first one. "I want to be a ladder! "At least you don't have to put up with this stupid ponytail", ... second, "I want to be a triangle!" "I'd just be happy looking more like a wine glass and less like a beer mug" the third one adds. "Ha!" shouts the fourth, "I'm just ...


You are a: and the rooms are: 1st floor: I poked my head into room 130 and saw someone with a deck of cards. She was staring intently at it, then flipped the top card over with great conviction. She then sighed sadly and scribbled something down on a notepad. 3rd floor: There were a bunch of unsavory mobster-types hanging out by room 364, so I kept ...


I think


I think that the next number will be Because you are watching The numbers are called out by Addendum


The introductory paragraph is a clue to As Arnaud has pointed out


It is Proof/construction: Even more strongly,


Since it's tagged 'lateral-thinking', an alternative that blatantly ignores the question's title is that:


He entered


The who: The where:


Here is my answer. Doors from left to right: The door leads to freedom. Explanation follows. The white door is in the center, you can mark each possible placement of the doors as follows :


This is a comprehensive and complete round up of the answers submitted and will credit the people who solved it. Clues from the flight schedule (thanks to seasnake, MPeti and Dan Russell): And:


Let's continue the induction, since the jump to 99 blue eyes does seem weird. After all, everyone knows that someone has blue eyes. If there are 4 blue eyed-people, A will look at B,C,D, thinking : Now, the issue here is that I, being A, can see that B has blue eyes. Therefore I know that C sees at least D and B as having blue eyes. But this is the ...


White can't be the door to freedom because it is not possible for it to be three doors away from Green. None of Green, Red and Yellow can be the door to freedom since the descriptions of their locations imply so. Thus Blue is the door to freedom. Since Blue is not on either end, and can't be in the middle, it is the second or fourth door from the left. If ...


He was framed for the murder by popular musicians Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Clearly they knew he would be coming somehow.


Every blue-eyed person sees 99 blue-eyed people. Since they don't know that they have blue eyes, they suspect it might be the case that every other blue-eyed person can only see 98 blue-eyed people, and if those people only see 98 blue-eyed people, they might think that each of them only see 97 blue-eyed people. And so it continues, until someone considers a ...


I'm thinking your neighbors are and the package is 501 502 503 (You) 504 (Your brother) 505 506 507 The Package


It is possible! How is that polyhedron? WTF!? How!? It is hard to understand? So let's visualize that with $k = 90^\circ$: Let's see some properties of this particular polyhedron: Ok, but how could the best jeweller of Puzzovania construct such thing? The jeweller can't make space behave this way!


Taking a pop at this: I'm $\bbox[#fff9c3]{\color{#fff9c3}{\textbf{NO PEEKING!}}}$ and I am alcoholic. I sometimes also take pot; it makes me kind of casual. And crack too, because it makes me highly skilled. As you can probably see, I'm so long it's almost impossible, and I turn into a slightly cocky prodigy whenever I'm feeling hot. ..So yeah, ...


So first is to note that I’d imagine that Julia got nothing because As it turns out, To Agnes, I bequeath 12,000 pounds. To Eli, I bequeath 201,000 pounds. To Eric, I bequeath 95,000 pounds. To Levi, I bequeath 101,000 pounds. To Ron, I bequeath 69,000 pounds. To Tim, I bequeath 51,000 pounds. To Toni, I bequeath 94,000 pounds. Sam gets Julia then ...


It was Those who take me, won't know me. Those who know me, won't want me. Those who want me, will make me. Those who make me, will give me away.


This is a comprehensive and complete roundup of the answers submitted by various users and brought together by the OP. A lot of this was solved in chat, mainly by Deusovi, Rubio, Techidiot and Volatility. The answer to this is Because Each algebraic equation: Doing this for every equation gives: So Transcribed this is If we use However EPILOGUE ...



I have a possible solution which no-one else has yet suggested. It has the virtue of simplicity. My reasoning: I'd consider the following answers equivalent to my solution (you might not agree): The OP gets a bounty from me if: Double bounty if: Update after reading OP's solution: yay! Nailed it. :)


Final Report Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 The gang members are ... The pet word ...


They are the Explanation:

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