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I think this story is about Step 1 Step 2


(Firstly, can I just say that this is a really nice little puzzle and it is a shame it has never garnered the attention it deserves!) As for the solution, I believe your AI created this art to represent your travels using: To start with, we know from the text that you have visited 12 countries. Note then that the line of the artwork which represents the ‘...


Well, @phenomist and @feelinferrety have solved the most of it, and the OP @DqwertyC has almost given all ouit, but since this has been here untouched for nearly one and a half years, I believe it's time that I give the final blow. This is probably the full solution. Step 1: Result: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Message: Solution: This is most ...


I like steganography: Some additional info: And:


The "Downfall" is actually If forgotten, I will be back in September. If you think I am feminine, I will show you stop sign. If you are afraid of heights, I will throw you in the sea at twilights. If any mis event happens (heh!, so lame), you know which insect to blame. When you are sixty and low on your defenses, don't go blaming your senses. Are ...

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