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I see Clues: For my first puzzle on Stack Exchange, I thought I'd start in the beginner range, Feverishly close to the solution Though beginners will take the revolution. You aren't a beginner, so you can't get it right Only a starter would see the light Never so close, puts you in a slumber Even or odd - what's the hidden number?


Section I, the fifth Poet


Section IV My prefix is shiny and precious. My infix is archaically long ago. My suffix contains German beer. I heard of something ending once, So I wrote about it, of course!


Section I Lines 1-3: Lines 4-6: Lines 7-9: Lines 10-12: Lines 13-15: So one of your favourite poets is Section II Taking each three-number code $m.n.p$ to mean another of your favourite poets is Section III Another of your favourite poets is Thanks @Deusovi for help with this! Section IV Thanks to @OmegaKrypton for all but the suffix here. My ...


The steganography portion: First word: Second word: Elaboration: More here: When we visualise that, it becomes a spiral, like this: Not sure if this is useful in anyway though...


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