Did she accidentally leave for her flat? Or did someone maybe Either reason would account for (Probably not the correct answer, since neither reason quite explains the two extra notes in the music, nor why the first and second lines have been swapped. But with the chance to put all those music puns into an answer, it's not like that's going to stop me ...


How about With the hint in mind, Then This fits with clues because:


Partial Answer The dots around the rings are a It solves as (assuming my transcriptions are right): I have no ideas yet on the green dots, yellow and red centers, the bug, or the X.


Second attempt: If you let Google Translate detect the language it turns out that Where did you use it? My first answer was too trivial, this one is totally bonkers. It is left to the reader to decide which is worse


May be too simple to be the right answer, but is it: Reason


My Own Writeup From the title and Hint 0, we can guess that flag.png was scrambled in some way. Looking at key.txt, we can assume that it is formatted like this: OLD_X OLD_Y NEW_X NEW_Y OLD_X OLD_Y NEW_X NEW_Y OLD_X OLD_Y NEW_X NEW_Y So, writing a Python program (using PIL), we can unscramble flag.png to get the image with all of its OLD_Xs and ...


I'm still working on the numeric hints, but is Dr. Noteworthy's favorite composer Re: Hint #3: Re: 4/5/10 entry: Re: 4/1/10 entry: Re: 5/8/13 entry:

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