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I believe the answer is Reasoning:


Answer is Explanation:


I believe that forms that are added to the letters are not relevant to sample detection. So the answer:


I think the answer is Because


Ok, this is my second attempt! The answer is: explanation: Then : Therefore:


This might be a heck of a stretch.. If you count each unique symbol as a note on sheet music and use the slashes to determine sharp/flat, and then you use the letters to determine length of the note (quarter, half, whole, etc.) it creates _____ some unrecognizable music as far as I can tell. However, the only one that would fit with 4/4 music is :


Starting with the leftmost card, number them consecutively from 1 to 20. If the sequence fails to terminate then there is at least one card with number m say which changes its state infinitely many times. But then there must a card with number n< m which also changes its state infinitely many times. But as card 1 only changes its state once, this process ...


Is it let Then for the shapes and for the letters


I believe the answer is: My reasoning:

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