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The move notation with small letters is ambiguous, as different sources use this to mean different things. Ruwix's Advanced Notation page explains that they use the small letters to denote a turn of the two outer layers. This notation is often used on the 3x3x3 cube as well. So yes, the site uses u to to mean what you know as Uw. For larger cubes they use $...


Think of this in terms of orientation and permutation of edges and corners. Corners can be uniquely identified by checking any two facelets. And a single corner cannot be out of place or orientation by itself. So you need to check any two facelets of 7 of the corners. Both facelets must be checked to identify an edge, but checking 7 of 8 facelets for the ...


Yes. It is impossible, because a 4x4 can be reduced to a 3x3, via reduction, and a corner would be exactly the same as a 3x3 corner.

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