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Building on the other answers (@Stiv and @Deusovi), as well as the 'rebus' hint: I'm pretty confident that the intended solution is: which gives which is


Building off the rebus-y component of @Deusovi's answer, I think that by moving just 4 matchsticks it's possible to produce something that looks like this: But hang on, aren't there a lot fewer matches on the table now? Yes, indeed. Because...


This is almost certainly not the answer you're looking for, but I think the tactics you're looking for are similar: A less stretchy solution would likely involve


The intended answers for 3 and 4 were given by @hexomino. The intended answers for 1 and 2


Here's what I think they are 1 2 3 4


Here is a thought: Explanations: Top left: Top right: Horizontal Line: Bottom left: Bottom right: Putting it all together we get: Which we will note


This could be


That looks to me like


This is a list of songs by: The list is: Moving on, there is a related SNL Sketch ... ... where Bruce says :


Solution logic: Let's start with the top right as it's easiest. There are 9 square pictures with red borders that work to generate This is a Moving to the top left: I struggled with this one for a while, but kept coming back to the title. It's all about position. After trying many different things, I came back to one of my earlier thoughts. What if the ...


Partial Answer: At this point, I've spent more time on this than I care to admit, so I leave it to the community to complete the solve. 🙃 I overlaid the images together to reveal: This provides us with 15 letters: However, I've been unable to proceed further. Some of the things I've looked into so far (perhaps incorrectly): Resources I'm also including ...

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