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Partial answer Since this has been around for so long, I figured I'd share my progress so far. [NB: I did need to bruteforce the first cipher, and I would've never gotten it without doing that. I also bruteforced the other one, but don't plan to use the information until I figure out how I was supposed to have gotten the key.] 1. Some completely wild ...


The answer to the first one is easily found by googling. Some explanation for people not familiar with the relevant languages: No idea for the second, as I actually don't know Korean. Some remarks though:


This is 33-14-16-73-7-117 translates to As Si S Ta N Ts - assistants. ??-15-92-22-99 translates to ?? P U Ti Es - __puties, which I guessed as "deputies". Given that this was about chemistry, and I know $\text{n}^0$ means neutrons in that context, I looked up "assistant deputy neutron" and came across something called However, seeing ...

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