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The simplest strategy is to As an analogy, one can


I think the objective is to separate the small ring from the chain. Also, it seems the chain goes around the S-shaped part twice. This procedure removes one of those loops, so you'll want to repeat it after you are done: grab the bit of chain just above where it goes through the S-piece pull all available slack to that part of the chain, make a loop out of ...


Question: Is a 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 game possible? Yes! This puzzle can be played with arbitrary size such as in Tatham's version. You can play it in your browser or download a Windows executable from the main page that is full of other puzzles too!


The game is usually referred to as a Sliding puzzle The most famous example is the 15 Puzzle ($4 \times 4$ version) In this example, half of all the possible starting positions are solvable. In particular, if we switch the 15 and 14, then the puzzle becomes unsolvable. (see Sam Loyd's unsolvable 15-puzzle). Higher order examples Although I have not seen ...


Using Burr Tools I've made an image of the solution steps.

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