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Thanks to @JaapScherphuis for pointing me to a similar puzzle by Izumiya's Hakone Parquet Marquetry Shop. This appears to be by the same company/designer, shown here: But appears to have been discontinued. Some online shops list it as Karakuri Small Box #1: KA (Kuroasa) (though this pattern is not among the 3 "Small Box #1" variants listed on ...


You could perhaps describe a puzzle like this as a Lights Out style puzzle. The game Lights Out consists of a grid of illuminated input buttons, with the goal being to turn all the lights off. Each button toggles multiple lights ("locks"), so that each button press can lock or unlock several elements at the same time. The goal is to find the ...


This appears to be a cheap clone of the LanLan Super Floppy Cube. It appears to have the same mechanical design with different stickers. I suspect you can solve it either with the outer rings or inner dots matching.


This is probably simply called an edge-matching puzzle (also known by various names such as Tetravex). The puzzle is in general NP-complete (i.e. not easy to solve in general cases), but the algorithms for solving do exist (e.g., Douglas-Rachford algorithm, but unfortunately I don't know the details).


I love this puzzle! And here is a quick albeit very mathy solution: Let $\mathcal{B}$ be the canonical basis of $\mathbb{Z}_2^{8 \times 8}$ then there is a surjective linear map $\varphi : ~\mathbb{Z}_2^{8 \times 8} \rightarrow \mathbb{Z}_2^6$ with $\varphi(\mathcal{B}) = \mathbb{Z}_2^6$. This is due to a standart result in linear algebra. A linear map $ \...


It was first released in June 2004 by Mefferts under the name Jackpot, and later it was renamed Platypus, and after that the New Generation Puzzle. It probably was sold under other names as well. See for example this site for some info. There were several versions, including the Supreme edition which lights up a face when it is solved. Unfortunately it has ...

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