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Where Is My Home?

Is it To go (more or less) line by line as requested: I am not where you're from Though you've seen my home before It's smaller than you're used to With weather you can't ignore In the morning ...
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There is no going back!

The answer is: I live my life on the top floor, Yet still aiming to get from where I am to something more, An upgrade if you will, Just by climbing the hill, For glory to my possessor! I usually ...
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Can you figure out my name?

Your name is: I put it more as comment/amendment to PDT answer (less then 50 reputation)
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Can you figure out my name?

Your name is: I can be mad, I can be wrong, Both my lines are equally long, With out I cancel a mistake, With up I fake, I have a green opposite, And a hollow opponent when you see me in a game,
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