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What words come next in the sequence?

Here's a suggestion (explaining my earlier comment on the question itself). If you look... So it seems we have a rule, and we should be able to apply it to find candidates for the next few terms by......
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What is the last integer in this sequence?

336 is the 6th value beyond 194, can't say I found the sequence which naturally terminates. I found the next 6 values to be 201 225 211 293 321 336 Reasoning: Why is it necessarily finite, with a ...
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What is the last integer in this sequence?

The final entry is Reasoning: An aside:
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Pingala the Pirate

Poor Pingala's misfortunes Moreover, So that ... which is
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Which wedge completes the pattern? (Raven Matrices-like Question)

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A sequence of consecutive numbers (H^!--)

This sequence represents, The trick is that Once rotated, we see that And the title confirms,
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Grouped letters

Looking at this We see D, E, and G have and similarly, K and Y I and O N and P U, V, and W A and R What letter goes with J?
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