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Let's sort out the phenotypes. What to do with it all? Here is a possible criteria for the classification


This puzzle works by You can figure out the question-marked letters by The solutions are:


The cards are laid out: The moved flashcard is: The card in your hand is: Reasoning:


However, it looks like you can also subtract the first from the second row Except for the first three rows, you subtracted the second from the first (also, column, not row). You would have to reword it as "add the third column to the absolute difference between the first and second column". Given any set of numbers, it's always possible to come up ...


The answer is: Method:


The answer may be: Reasoning:


There could be another solution (without taking anything away from the first one):


The next shape should be: Why?


4. Each dot on the dice which surrounds an inner dot counts as one. A 5 counts as 4 and a 3 counts as 2. For example, roll 3 has 3 5's and 1 3. This would be 3 * 4 + 1 * 2 = 14. Roll 6 then contains only 1 5, which makes 1 * 4 = 4.


It took me a while but I think I have it. Bonus:


The city Terne will visit next is: The break-in: The data: The answer: Conjecture:

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