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Could the answer be As @Stiv pointed out, the message translates to: What does 201 mean: What do the numbers mean: So the result will be:



Partial guess:


For the first problem a.k.a problem #33 I looked it up in downward direction. For each column we can see that there is a triangle that never “moves” (red circle) and that's our reference point and it follows the clockwise pattern . So we can expect that in the third column there will be a plain triangle at the upper left corner. The rest is finding the ...


I need help with finding a pattern among the black squares, what I have found so far: 'B' is the correct answer. Why? I took the test 3 times in a row giving the exact same answers for problem 1 to 15 (14 correct + 1 wrong) and then gave the answer A, B and D on problem 31 for in each of the tests. A and D gives 88 iq, B gives 92 iq -> B is correct. (...



I think the answer could be

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