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So indeed it is


The translated problem is "there's certainty only if there's uncertainty", so it has no solution. Not only there's a contradiction in that, but also a mockery on logic, because uncertainty itself cannot be used for reasoning for certainty. When solving a problem, uncertainty is something we start from and then we get to certainty. But we cannot use ...


The prisoner's logic is flawed. He did his analysis based on only 5 possibilities (Monday to Friday). And then he concluded that the result is a 6th possibility (No hanging). This contradicts his initial assumptions. If the prisoner were to repeat his analysis with 6 possibilities, then he will get a different answer.


My explanation is that the prison did not consider the whole possible state space. The whole hanging day space is the deterministic days, which have five choices, plus undetermined days, which has 2^5-5-1 = 19 choices. An example of undetermined days is the combination of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, which means that the prison will be hanged in one of the ...


The paradox is false because there can be no surprise. The moment the judge announces that the execution could be any day of the coming week at noon, he has already removed any chance of surprise. Each day, the prisoner will anticipate his demise more strongly as noon approaches and focus his entire attention on the prison door, listening for the fateful ...

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