The answer is: Here's the way you get that number:


The answer is 7, It's a simple extension of the Magic Calculator trick. Each card represents a bit, with the upper left index value being the value of that bit. To perform it as a trick, you ask the volunteer to pick a number between 1 and 64, and hand you the cards on which their number appears. Add up the index values on the selected cards, and you have ...


I may need some clarification on counting but I think I've found a solution in which the landlord needs to repair 38 squares while filling just 3 other apartments with water. Solution Partial Reasoning


The title means Here is a solution: apronus link. PGN: Note that


Remark regarding the tie-breaker rule: Solution:


Beginning of answer (?) (Updated) This time around, the pawns are the obstacle, as they can move forward to defend all while being promoted What a cruel little sister though, she could have ended his misery with just one move starting with this board !


Weather Vane did get it right, but I made a nice picture when I solved part B and wanted to show it off.

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