It's pointing you to The code is a I figured this out by noticing that


@athin has found the mathematical pattern in the sequence and created a useful general way to display it pictorially (go see their post and upvote). However, a slightly more accurate diagrammatic rendering would be as follows: This is because the sequence reflects: The significance of 23 March in the hints is that: The pattern emerges as: Why does the ...


The sequence can be visually illustrated as the following: For the mystery part, it also somewhat illustrates: The formula of the sequence is:


This is my first time using this site so bear with me if I don't know what I'm doing. Answered this but it was deleted? So I'll try again.



You do this until you get So the answer is


Congratulations, I am assuming you have recently become a mother/father. These are the ages, in months, that doting parents use when someone asks "how old is he/she". If I remember correctly, the next one is 18, after which the series steps back to 2,3,4...(in years).

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