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There was no murder, the police officer is trying to set you up. (Possibly trying to prove that you would be ready to accuse someone of murder based on a garbled message on a computer.)



I think


Here's my interpretation. It's Let me tell you why. Observe this ==> hE iS thE CuLpriT? Now read the entire line. Now the teacher knows whom to inquire.


Well perhaps


It's clearly Because Therefore As


This is a comprehensive and complete round up of the answers submitted and will credit the people who solved it. Clues from the flight schedule (thanks to seasnake, MPeti and Dan Russell): And:


He was framed for the murder by popular musicians Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. Clearly they knew he would be coming somehow.


I have a possible solution which no-one else has yet suggested. It has the virtue of simplicity. My reasoning: I'd consider the following answers equivalent to my solution (you might not agree): The OP gets a bounty from me if: Double bounty if: Update after reading OP's solution: yay! Nailed it. :)


The murderer was because



They only steal it on the days John is in though; that's why they weren't caught red handed. If she was going to waste two weeks why didn't she just watch the fridge? Based on the first set of clues you would assume it was John because it's only stolen on the days he's there. However she followed him on Wednesday so we know it's not John. She also followed ...



The car is a convertible like the one below and the killer simply jumped out of the car.


It was a joint effort between


The teller just had to


From a lateral point of view, you've not actually stated that he was arrested for his wife's murder. He could therefore have been arrested because:


To read the... weird thing which seems to part of the letter (?) This alludes to this kind of decoder Move the inner circle so A lines up with M, and we get So we look there


So I'm new here (please excuse any formatting issues/transgressions against community norms), but I've been thinking about this for the last few hours and here is what I have so far, culling various parts from other answers which have already been posted. Where are you? You are in: The wording of the poem was definitely hard to understand, but as was ...


Just adding a tidbit since I don't have time to get deeply involved right now: Perhaps another piece of the puzzle: which can be spaced/punctuated to: So perhaps


The culprit is: Explanation: Then:


A deeper (alternative) answer... [Don't take this answer too seriously]


TL;DR, FINAL TABLE: See the following spoiler only if you really really would like to spoil all of your fun in just a second: Ok, now let's see how it is in detail: PART I - The beggining of the investigation Let's make some facts that are clearly in the question preamble and should be obvious to everybody that read it all: TRUTH 1: Uncle Wiggily and ...



The location is: Taking letter substitution, the Textfile contents can be deduced as: The letters i, q, and b are never reused, so we'll have to guess the first two words. A likely choice is: As Micheal Johnson noticed, the picture of the symbols is actually hiding a RAR archive with a file in it containing coordinates to Labasa Airport, in Fiji. ...


This is all about The places Penelope is going are: So you need to meet her at:



I would have arrested the blonde woman. She did say she was going on a jog, and size 9 men's shoes are not uncommon for women with big feet to wear. Furthermore, someone who is dressed to the nines like her is the most likely to own both a poodle and a leash for said poodle. Leash = rope. Furthermore, if she was going on a jog and a murder and crowd ...


I assume that bold keys pressed two times, so we have: Enter Shift Space Space Alt F7 = / . . A B C C E F G G I I L M O P R R U Y First, I substract the image name from the key list, IMG.GIF, and ALT F7 (command to clear cmd history), now we have: Enter Shift Space Space = / . A B C C E L O P R R U Y because command prompt windows is open, I assume the ...

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