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This must have been quite a fun puzzle to create! The connection between these roles is: Like so: Pleasingly:


Was it Reasoning: and and


I think that each person represents a And the movies involve Daniel: Interstellar, Top Gun, True Grit Deanna: The Fast and the Furious, Life of Pi, The Wizard of Oz Louise: Babe, Excalibur, Legion Michelle: The Grey, How to Train Your Dragon, The Parent Trap Neal: Cast Away, Gulliver's Travels, Romeo Must Die Piper: Flashdance, Madagascar, The ...


The recommended film is First half: I look small, but am vast. A fireball, but in the past. Second half: In the air you barely see me. You do me to get rid of me. The middle: A blue box from elsewhere, But you, not I, go there.


The categories: The main theme would be:


I think the answer is: The actors share a common thing: Here's the list: There are several options for the missing one: My guess is that you're after


My current working solution has two groups in common with @NudgeNudge's (one member different), but a different third (and a missing fourth) and a different overall connection... Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Final answer


Partial: First Part: Explanation:


I think it was: "You know, the one with that guy..." "Run... Homer..." "You know this movie! He was in the army, and his best friend died." "No. Maybe. Was it Homer Simpson? Anyways, he started this restaurant, I think they sold chicken. Or maybe it was a warehouse..."

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