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A Trivial Pursuit #20 (Entertainment 4/4): Actors

The answer is: Reasoning: Next step: Finally:
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A Trivial Pursuit #08 (Entertainment 2/4): Names

First we solve the rebuses: Then we notice We find them all: Then we notice that I thought that was the end but @Daniel S observes in the comments that we can go further:
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A Trivial Pursuit #02 (Entertainment 1/4): Wrong Superhero

Each answer is made by Minecraft character who receives enhanced abilities after taking the Heart-Shaped Herb (5,7) Vigilante who patrols the city streets at night wearing one of his many noteworthy ...
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May the Fourth Be With You - a Star Wars Day Bounty Hunt

Puzzle I (Shout out to an anonymous genius who spotted the first two and allowed me to complete the rest). Puzzle II Puzzle III Puzzle IV Puzzle V Puzzle VI Puzzle VII Puzzle VIII Puzzle IX ...
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8 votes

A Qute Connect Wall

The linked individual is: The groups can be resolved as follows:
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The Fellowship of the Square

The square Where the answers, in order are
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Guess the movie using the image

Is it: Because
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What's the phrase?

Plaintext: Cipher method: Solve path:
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