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What is the CMLL Algorithm that fits this particular case?

From that page it's the Sune Up Slash. Here is how the Sune/Anti-sune cases (i.e. those with one correctly oriented corner) are recognised/categorised: Rotate the cube or last layer so that the ...
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How to fix wrongly stickered Rubik's cube

If you have a white sticker on both sides of an edge piece, and you can't tell any difference between the two, then these things are for certain: It is definitely impossible to solve the cube. The ...
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How to make a Rubik's Cube look like a die?

Well, by just changing the dice patterns a little bit it does become well possible, see attached pictures
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Why does the 4x4 Rubik's cube have parity cases, while the 3x3 does not?

First you must notice that a parity (edge flip) is actually an swap of 2 edges, which is an odd permutation of edges: For 3X3X3, all moves can be done by one type of move: a single layer 90 degree. ...
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