This is a tricky one, because one of the solution digits is never seen! It must be deduced by elimination. So the solution is


Using the old Mastermind game colors of B = correct in correct place and W = correct in wrong place, we have the following clues: a. 2657 WW b. 0415 W c. 4268 d. 1749 BB Solution: From c, we know that From 1 and a, we know that From 2 and b, we know that From 1 and 3, we know that From 3 and 4, we know that At this point, we know that the ...


I don't know why you have concluded that the scoring ambiguity is not resolved by the Wikipedia page. There is text on that page which, to me, clearly addresses and resolves this issue: If there are duplicate colours in the guess, they cannot all be awarded a key peg unless they correspond to the same number of duplicate colours in the hidden code. ...


Detailed reasoning associated to Shahriar Mahmud Sajid's answer 69172 - One digit is correct and in the right place 38512 - Two digits are correct but in the wrong place 45286 - Two digits are correct but in the wrong place.


The intended answer is because Otherwise, there are lots of answers. How I solved; Assuming First two 5 digit numbers (guesses) Then


The number is Explanation:


All of the answers so far assume that for some reason mastermind rules apply to this puzzle. The tag mastermind was added a couple of days ago. Of course you need to make some assumptions to solve this puzzle, I will assume the puzzle is using base ten among other things, but I will not assume that mastermind's rules apply. Only thing that is relevant are ...


I don't understand why the creator of the answer before deleted their post - It was correct as far as I can tell:


This answer is only true if you disregard the rules that the mastermind tag implies. Nothing except the tag hints that masterminds rules should apply here and usually when these things are passed around they do not come with Masterminds rules included. That tag was also not put there by the person asking the question, so I will look at only what is written ...

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