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160 foxes are stuck on an island with 1 chicken. Will the chicken be eaten?

Let's start with a different scenario: Now, Therefore, However, I'm beginning to see a pattern here: Therefore, in our original scenario with 160 foxes,
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What technique can be used to solve this 6x6 sudoku?

You can do sudoku to That will eventually place the same digit in a spot where a three cannot go: After that deduction, the grid will basically fill itself. The technique that finds relationships ...
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PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 3): 24 dangerous doors

Solved grid: It was fun! General solve path:
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Turn Back the Clocks

Partial solution Completed slitherlink: Steps taken:
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160 foxes are stuck on an island with 1 chicken. Will the chicken be eaten?

The answer is: ...
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What is the next logical step I can take when solving the Nov. 30 2023 Sudoku in the Wisconsin State Journal?

There are a number of techniques that are available at this stage. The first one that jumped out to me was a: Looking at: We see that:
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Fill this 5x5 number grid incrementally, either by moving two boxes diagonally or moving three boxes in a row or column

It is indeed very similar to a KT (knight's tour). It is necessary to change the move rules, as a proper KT on a 5x5 grid is nearly trivial for an open path, and impossible for a closed path. I was ...
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