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Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get 82

So we have the 'sum': $$22+$$ $$4\;=$$ $$82\;\;\;$$
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Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get 82

In French:
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Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get 82

My suggestion:
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Is this Hashi puzzle unsolvable?

Here is another argument for why this puzzle is unsolvable. The Handshaking Lemma is the simple but powerful idea that each edge uses up a value of 2 (one from each end), so the total amount must be a ...
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How can I convince my colour blind friend that his two balls have different colours?

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Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get 82

And thank goodness we don't use those any more.
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Is a married person looking at an unmarried person?

Answer is because,
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Three mathematicians are forever in Prison

When the mathematicians are asked for their answers, each answers "light mode" if their light is currently on, or "dark mode" if it is currently off.
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Quick!!! You got only 30 seconds

No real-world car can accelerate faster than $5g$, so the maximum acceleration of the car is under $50m/s^2$. Even if the car instantly decelerates (against a wall or something), the fact that $P$ can ...
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Three logicians walk out of the bar

If the first were sober s/he would answer yes. So the first is drunk. If the second were sober s/he would answer yes. So the second is drunk. If the third were sober s/he would answer yes. The ...
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What is my four digit car number?

Last digit is the double of first digit; Middle two digits are same. It has to be a number when multiplied by 2 has the last digit in it; Last two digits are the double of first two digits The only ...
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Thanks, dad! Never again

I think that the next number will be Because you are watching The numbers are called out by Addendum
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3 doors, three guards, one stone

No questions are required!
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IQ test question with diagonal lines in 3x1 grids

As far as I can tell, the answer is Because:
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Guessing hat colors. 4 prisoners

This is a bit of a stretch and I'm not sure it'd even work, but...
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The Cucumber Paradox

I'm gonna say: Explanation:
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How can I convince my colour blind friend that his two balls have different colours?

You can for example photograph the balls in two separate photos and use a program Color Picker (like this one) showing your friend that the RGB color codes are different.
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Cover 63 squares of a chess board

These should do it: Just to show another example:
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Unexpectedly Difficult Matchstick Problem

I think the answer is:
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Crack the lock code

You can see from clue 4 that there are no 7, 3, or 8. You can see from clue 5 that there is a 0 in either the first or second slot, and from clue 3 that it must be in the first slot. That means the ...
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Haters gonna hate

The greatest number of students that could be summoned is Proof you cannot summon more: Here is a situation where the principle can summon that many:
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Correct way to add 22 to 4 to get given value

If you consider the numbers as Then
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This is it. This is the one. Find your wife

This is a comprehensive and complete round up of the answers submitted and will credit the people who solved it. Clues from the flight schedule (thanks to seasnake, MPeti and Dan Russell): And:
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100 pieces 1 opportunity, choose wisely!

What you're missing here is the chance of playing at all, given that the game ends when someone finds the prize. (or, chance of finding a prize goes to 0, which is the same thing) ...
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Can you put L trominos to fill the figure?

Answer: Reasoning:
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How can I convince my colour blind friend that his two balls have different colours?

Show him the balls through Edit: He might agree that there is some difference that he can't see, but he's still not convinced that it's the colour. Then
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Gerrymandering Puzzle - Rig the Election

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Is this chromatic puzzle always solvable?

Yes, it's possible. Start with the various 2x2 squares. Ignoring symmetries of rotation and color swapping, there are 1 combination of 1 color, 3 combinations of 2 colors, and 2 combinations of 3 ...
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Oh dang, I have to change my whole answer!

One answer is To find this, I first noted that each of the blanks must be at least 8, since there are already 8 digits different from the given one. None of the blanks can be 8, though, since that ...
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Tiling with T-tetrominos in gravity

TLDR: I'll fill the board and prove that the solution is unique. First, let's start by: I'll paint those green: Let's repeat those steps a few more times, using orange, blue, red and purple, in ...
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