So we have the 'sum': $$22+$$ $$4\;=$$ $$82\;\;\;$$


I think the answer is Because it looks to me like Here is an image of the final solution:


In French:




My suggestion:


Would it work if I ask: If your number is 3, then you would say "yes" because no matter what you add, it would be true. If your number is 2, you would say "I don't know". If my number was 0, then the answer would be no, but if my number is 1 the answer is yes. So you don't know. If your number is 1, then you would respond "no". No matter what number you ...


The knowledge of each islander consists of: the color of the eyes of every other islander; any past pronouncement from the guru; the history of who left the island on previous days (including their eye color), which provides knowledge about other's knowledge (that either they did or did not know their own eye color on previous days). At the beginning of ...



Question: Does everybody want a drink? The third logician answers: Reason: The first says "I don't know" because he wants a drink, but doesn't know if everybody wants one. If the first didn't want a drink, he would have answered "No". Same for the second, he wants a drink but doesn't know if the third wants one. So, the third answers "Yes" if he ...


His wife The elevator So now he's I guess you could argue that the event is a sort of "communication", but that seems pretty weak to me.


If you asked the truth-guard, the truth-guard would tell you that the liar-guard would point to the door that leads to death. If you asked the liar-guard, the liar-guard would tell you that the truth-guard would point to the door that leads to death. Therefore, no matter who you ask, the guards tell you which door leads to death, and therefore you can ...


And thank goodness we don't use those any more.


Answer is because,


I know I'm coming in late here, however, I'll toss a completely different take on this.


No real-world car can accelerate faster than $5g$, so the maximum acceleration of the car is under $50m/s^2$. Even if the car instantly decelerates (against a wall or something), the fact that $P$ can do the trip in $1$ second means that $A$ and $B$ are at most $25m$ apart (more realistically $1m$), so running this distance takes less than five seconds at a ...


Here's the image equivalent: Apologies for the poor quality image. My office laptop has very limited capabilities in image editing.


When the mathematicians are asked for their answers, each answers "light mode" if their light is currently on, or "dark mode" if it is currently off.


I think


Last digit is the double of first digit Middle two digits are same it has to be a number when multiplied by 2 has the last digit in it Last two digits are the double of first two digits The only correct possible awnser


If the first were sober s/he would answer yes. So the first is drunk. If the second were sober s/he would answer yes. So the second is drunk. If the third were sober s/he would answer yes. The third now has enough information to answer "no", but is too drunk to realise it.


No questions are required!


I think that the next number will be Because you are watching The numbers are called out by Addendum


It could be or


As far as I can tell, the answer is Because:


18 pieces: In 9 parts: In 8 parts: In 7 parts: We need to be able to split it into 9 parts of 56, so it can't hurt to make 9 pieces of 56 and then split those further. Since we need to do better than 19 pieces, we can have at most 18 pieces. This means that most of our 56s are split into exactly two parts (we can have an extra piece for every 56 we don't ...


This is a bit of a stretch and I'm not sure it'd even work, but...


I'm gonna say: Explanation:


You can for example photograph the balls in two separate photos and use a program Color Picker (like this one) showing your friend that the RGB color codes are different.


If you consider the numbers as Then


You can see from clue 4 that there are no 7, 3, or 8. You can see from clue 5 that there is a 0 in either the first or second slot, and from clue 3 that it must be in the first slot. That means the code is [0][?][?]. 6 cannot be the correct number from clue 1, since it would have to be in the wrong position for clue 2. We already know 8 is incorrect, so 2 ...

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