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Long shot. His dream was... Because... Therefore...


He dreamed


With a friendly nod to @jafe (who came very close), since an hour has gone by I figured it was fair game to post my own independent solution… Didn't want to be seen as sniping or piggy-backing! This is indeed a: As follows (double moves abridged in the diagram - read along each row; moves in square brackets can be carried out in an alternative order): ...



If I can resurrect this unsolved puzzle, I believe I have an answer: At first I wondered whether the answer would be: However, I could not come up with a way to make this work, so I'm pretty sure it's a red herring. Instead, I then noticed a different set of connections... P + L = W T + R = A P + E = L Which means that for N + L = ?, we equivalently ...


Answer: First of all, Second, Finally:

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