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I am not very good at word games. I regularly use a hand-held crossword solver to help me finish quick crosswords. (Forget about cryptic crosswords. Well, I did finish one, but it took me a week, and my evenings were completely free because I was on holiday [vacation] at the time.) I occasionally can use this for codewords as well, particularly if there are ...


My favourite CodeWord trick is to find several partial words with the same uncoded number, and this can often reveal the letter. For example, say you have: _EST, BE_T, _ICE Each option has several words that fit: best, gest, lest, nest, pest, rest, west beat, beet, belt, bent, best dice, lice, mice, nice, rice and only _=N and _=L fit ...


Codeword puzzles are usually designed to have an approachable way of starting. (I am fairly sure it would be possible to make one that was solvable in principle but really hard to find one's way into, but the people who make them aren't aiming for that.) I think usually there is at least one word in the grid that (1) has one or more letters that are already ...


Once you've inserted all of the starting letters, I normally see if any of the words (or certain sub-strings of them) pop out to me. For example, given ----I-G, you can be confident that the penultimate letter is a N. Comparing words in the puzzle with common prefixes and suffixes often gives a few more letters. Also, when checking a word, remember that ...


The diagram should be something like this: and the words being clued are (Note: while I was typing in the list at the end another answer appeared. I haven't looked at it yet.)


At this moment I have 10/14 words, but one does not fit yet: I still have no idea on clue #3


Official letters should be ... The Secondary Alphabetical Order is ...


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