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I had this question myself, and did some analysis of my own. My conclusion is that the original list used is CSW19. The Wordle .js script has two source arrays that it uses for its final wordlist and for its match wordlist. The final wordlist has 2315 words. The match wordlist 10657 words. By taking the word lists from ENABLE/CSW/OSPD/etc., filtering them to ...


There are two dictionaries. A short one of possible answers and a long one of allowed guesses. The lists were created by the author of the game. Perhaps he'll provide an answer here as to where and how he formed them. But I'll answer by guessing: the lists were designed to provide enjoyment to casual players (as opposed to hardened Scrabble or crossword ...


Grid: Answers and languages: Across Down Note on answers above:


What follows is a frame challenge. You request: What I was hoping for was...someone who had taken the solves and ran them against the known dictionaries to find out which one was likely used. This is fundamentally not a thing that can be done. Word lists (which is also what dictionaries become, after you strip the words away from their definitions) are ...


A remark rather than an answer, maybe this version is a little less contorted, although slightly more dialectal: 1111 = 0 says the French teacher.

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