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All the rooms in this hotel correspond to


I think that the next number will be Because you are watching The numbers are called out by Addendum


Your business seems to be ... Panda, Brandon and commenters have already figured out ... So let's do that and we see:


I think you are I'm half of a hundred and both halves of a Belgian detective, two thirds of solar exposure and one eighth of an Age.


Following on from NudgeNudge who got halfway with This can be shortened to Adding where we initiated Whats inbetween and the two lower rated this combination leads straight to a street we keep going southwards till we know we're beat So the answer is


Partial: We start in a city that rhymes with angina, the masculine form, add in what's drunk in China, then take phylum's first six, of the minor kind, components will make what in our hand we find.


Looks like Once all of the places are found,


I think this could be an answer:


These folks are: Since: My advice - perhaps you should: * Of course this assumes:


I don't think there's anything in the story that shows that the (fictional) Chinese didn't fake this right, but here's a thing that seems like it might be easy to get wrong and possible to detect: Some caveats:


I'd wager we are looking at Start by unscrambling the image: Then, solve it row by row This is very interesting: Like so: (All polished up with a little help from OP's comments below) With a little squinting, it reads Appendix: Full reasoning for the individual images, in the unscrambled order: 1: 2: 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. ...



These look like So the last line that would fit the bill is


The AA rated words are words which The seventeen are Following this rule a Z rated word is


The three singles are The first club is The second club is The third club is Putting them together gives the popular food


First puzzle Second puzzle Third puzzle



I find it hard to believe she managed this in only 10 minutes, but all she needs to do is count to 1,461,559,270,678...


Adding to Mudit's answer. The answer is: I'm needed by a doctor to travel through time: Or a player looking for their keys: When on the plane where the great answer resides, I'm part of the whole Strategy: I can be found in a dead man's hand: Yet still, I cannot be touched: In China, I may say farewell: In Japan, I mean so much: I have been known to ...


It seems like all CirKle words Example Meaning of the name


Your lock code is The reason Using this rationale, we find that No wonder you forgot it!


South Asians A number ... ... from northwestern Malaysia ... with a terrible taste ... [yes, I really mean that] ... look for ... the entrance to an ancient city [Historian]'s ...



He dreamed


To address the one part that hexomino didn't already answer: Why do you think I'm not able to enjoy the performance like everyone else? My answer would be: This is hinted at by the fact that


It looks like the thirteen colonies For Gold, Aluminium, and what did they find in Pennsylvania?


I think the French will say The English says "M", the French says "M", the German says "M" German "D", French "V", English "S"


This feels underspecified: Here are a few possibilities. One: Two: Three: Four: Five: Apparently that last one is what the OP had in mind. Here are some more details.


Day 6: Also, day 7: The locations are The activities The location of Day 7 And Credit where due: at least two other people, MOehm and Omega Krypton, figured out the "what" before I even saw the question. (I solved it independently.)


You mention this was circa 1990 because You mention the You use the

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